3 Reasons Construction Companies Need to Digitally Transform Now

  1. Digital Marketing Means Targeted Marketing

One of the drawbacks of traditional construction marketing strategies, like direct mail or billboard ads, is that it’s like using a shotgun for hunting. You’ll cover a wide area but you may not hit your preferred target. With digital marketing, such as Facebook Advertising, for example, you can target down to occupation, location, age-range, and a variety of other demographics.

If a construction company begins advertising on a search engine, they can even find customers who are actively looking for their services. A billboard may reach more eyes, but how many of those will be the eyes of interested parties?

2. Digital Marketing is Measurable

Let’s go back to our billboard example. If a construction company buys an ad on a billboard, there’s no way for that company to know exactly how much revenue should be attributed to the ad. With digital marketing, whether it be email marketing campaigns or search engine advertising, you can track so much valuable data and statistics, it’s enough to make a baseball nerd drool.

If our construction company above converted their billboard ad into a web banner ad, they could track exactly how many eyeballs landed on their ad (a stat called impressions) and how many of those eyeballs turned into qualified leads. They could then measure just how many of those qualified leads turned into closed deals.

3. Digital Marketing Builds Brand Equity and Loyalty

For a lot of construction companies, word-of-mouth referrals are a big part of generating business. Today, conversations and discourse online are the new form of word-of-mouth referrals. Just think of Google Reviews, I know I’m not the only one that rules out a business if it has less than 3 stars. Unlike real-life word-of-mouth, which disappears after the referral, online reviews and testimonials live on forever and encourage prospects to trust you.

Creating an online presence through social media, a well-built website, and email marketing can create the same word-of-mouth effect. It allows your company to be shared and tagged to potential customers and it allows companies to highlight their best work.

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